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Connecting with constituents at your events is essential.

We partnered with Pixilated to make it easy and fun.

The GovBooth Selfie Station captures memories and contact information, enabling you to keep in touch with your supporters.

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How it works

The GovBooth Selfie Station equipment and software are user-friendly. Users simply tap the screen to take photos. Next, they are prompted to enter their email address to store the memories. You can even add survey questions to the prompt. Pixilated’s software will store the information for you in MailChimp and your own progress dashboard.

Features & Benefits

Access photos & data

Customize event campaigns -themes & messages

Track performance with your dashboard

Add survey questions

Manage devices, printers, and users

Connect to MailChimp

The Bundle


The GovBooth Selfie Station bundle includes:

  • 10.1” Android tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019)
  • 1-year PixiCloud photo booth software license
  • Pixi photo booth app pre-installed
  • Tamper-resistant tablet enclosure with top-mounted LED lighting kit
  • Custom vinyl “faceplate” decal with logo
  • Tripod floor stand with bracket
  • Hard plastic travel case
  • Two (2) USB charging cables
  • Portable power bank USB charger