Tactical Geofencing

Reach Government Decision Makers, Buyers, and Voters across the USA

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Nationally Known and Trusted for Our Geo-Targeting Technology.

Reach a granular, specific audience.

We locate and reach key decision makers in the Capital, any State House or Government Agency across the USA. Our innovative geographic targeting can pinpoint politicians in specific areas as small as a single building or specific groups of voters.

We work with associations, advocacy groups, businesses and political campaigns to target audiences that have the most benefit for their cause. Whether you need to reach key decision makers, government buyers or a group of influential voters, we have the data and technology to connect you to the audience that matters most to you.


Reach decision makers on public issues or advocacy.


Deliver your message to hyper-targeted groups of voters.


Based on location, political interests, locations visited, demographics & more.


We map your campaign performance - visualize your campaign engagement.

Drive Better Results

Don’t waste your budget on expensive, broad stroked campaigns. Let us show you how big data and our targeted delivery can maximize your success.

We’re here to support your campaign…

through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Powerful Targeting

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