We Build Powerful Targeting Strategies

Initially, we help you select the most promising geographic areas for your campaign. We then layer in additional complex data that further redefines your most relevant audience. This enables us to reach the exact audience combination that will have the greatest impact in your campaign performance.


Geo-Audience Targeting

Target users based on where they are with a focus on traits: demography, HHI, ethnicity, age, life stage, active voters, attending political events.


Tactical Geo-Fencing

Target users who enter a pre-defined location or geographic area like conventions, voting polls, campaign tour stops, etc.

tactical cookie

Tactical Cookie

With our tactical cookie, we can target users based on the history of areas frequented like museums, a rally, events or universities.

Our partnerships with big data leaders allow us to leverage the most accurate demographic data for age, gender, income, race, lifestyle and political attributes. We use this complex data in every strategy to find the right audience at the right time to deliver your message.

Government & Opinion Leaders

  • Political Donors:
    • Conservative
    • Liberal
  • Affluent:
    • Conservative
    • Liberal
    • Politically Active
  • Affiliated with:
    • Democrats
    • Republicans
    • Independent
    • Other


  • Voters by:
    • S. Congressional Districts
    • Senate Districts
  • Registered voters:
    • Democrats
    • Republican
  • Political views:
    • Independent
    • Leans right
    • Leans left
campaign map

Mobile platforms offer real-time mobile data about users, including their location, habits, and behaviors which allow us to deliver highly personalized advertisements just when your customers need it.

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