Our experts have vast experience in managing local, regional, and national digital campaigns for state and federal government agencies. We use tactical geofencing and location-based targeting strategies to reach your constituents, opponent’s constituents, or residents wherever they are. Narrow it down to zip codes, counties, or state or simply geofence a specific event or building. Either way, we can help!

campaign fundraising

Campaign Fundraising

  • Find campaign contributors by device matching (per district before the elections)
  • Boost fundraising efforts by utilizing click to donate banners
at the polls

Persuading Poll-Goers

  • Employ rich media to engage your audience with your political issues
  • Get key voters to the polls by utilizing dynamic distance banners which provide the nearest poll locations
amplify messages

Amplify Messaging

  • Increase the impact of TV campaigns by serving mobile ads post-commercial
  • GeoFence key venues within districts to further extend out-of-home messaging

Pinpoint Your Audience

Our targeting capabilities allow us to deliver your message to individuals across the country or in a single building.

Audience Targeting

Create Tactical Campaigns

Drive awareness, increase engagement or influence opinions with high-impact ads

Tactical Campaigns

Placements & Results

We utilize programmatic ad buys to serve your ads to the right people at the right time.


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